Why Your Why is So Important

Why Your Why is So Important


Hey, it’s David Bayer and thanks for being here to watch this video. I wanted to talk about your “why.” Why is your why important? I ask, “Why?” all the time. “Why is this this way? Why are you telling me this? How could it be true?”  I want to know why the why is important. So, I thought about it. I really appreciate this idea of the why and it really came out of Simon Sinek’s famous TEDTalk, The Golden Circle, where he talks about the why. But, why is your why important? Well, your why is important – first of all, what’s your why? The why is why you do what you do, what really drives you to go out and do whatever it is that you do, to be a fireman, to be an investment banker, to be a coach, to be a teacher, to be a mom – whatever it is that you do – to be a straight a student – what is driving you? What’s the big reason behind why you do what you do that allows you to, despite all of the challenges in life and all of the frustrations in life, to overcome everything? Right? It’s the fuel behind all the action that you’re willing to take, even in the face of adversity. So, discovering your why is really important. But, why is your why important?

Your why is important because it takes you out of yourself. Your why is the way out of selfishness. It’s the way out of being self-centered, which is really the way out of fear because fear is when we return to protecting ourselves. When we’re in fear, we’re living in lack, we’re living in scarcity, we’re living with resistance.

We’re not living in the flow of life. Ideas are not flowing to us. We don’t see opportunities in front of us. So, if we can get out of ourselves, if we can get out of fear, we can start playing in our art, we can start creating and manifesting in extraordinary ways. The way that we do that is by living in our why.

So, for example, I am driven to impact and transform the lives of people who are suffering. So, my why allows me to overcome any anxiety I might have about being onstage, or about shooting these videos, or about the work that I need to do late at night to create new online products and programs. Whatever it is that I’m doing, I’m driven by my why because it’s more important to me than the “pain” of all the things that I need to do. In fact, I don’t look at them as painful at all.

So, a lot of people want to know what their why is because they think it’s going to help them move forward in life and that’s so counterintuitive. It’s like we’re such a success-driven society now. It’s like, “I got to figure out what my why is because it’s going to give me the edge and I got to know my why.” Chill out about your why. All you need to do is start to notice what it is that gets you out of your own head. What is it that gets you out of worrying about how significant you are, or how much money you’re making, or whether or not you’re going to look good. What is the thing that gets you out connecting and contributing with people in the world and in service? So, whatever that thing is, that’s your why. But, it’s not really important that you know your why, it’s just important to get out of your own self-centered attitude, which we all do from time to time. So, anyway, I hope that’s been helpful. That’s why your why is important.

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