Voice of the Ego

Voice of the Ego


In Powerful Living, we talk about this master framework that the most creative, inspired and powerful people live by, the person who live their dreams, and how we can use this framework and transform our lives and bring our dream into the world.  And we talk about limiting beliefs and how to transform them into empowering beliefs and we talked about the stories we tell ourselves and creating empowering rather than limiting stories.  We also talked about this voice in the head.  The voice that tells us we can’t do things, that we’re not good enough, that criticizes other people, that takes us to the past and the future rather than being present for ourselves and other people in our lives. And all the opportunities that life gives us on a day to day basis. And that’s the voice of the ego. The ego is one of the most challenging aspects of ourselves to work with because it’s compiled an identity based on everything we know about ourselves throughout our entire lives and it sounds just like us.  But it’s not, it’s not our authentic, powerful selves. So the biggest mistake we make is that we listen to this voice as if it’s us.

So one of the processes that I’ve developed that I use almost every morning is that I re-educate my ego. I call it the ego self reeducation process. I wake up very anxious every morning.  I often wake up anxious and worry about things.  So, the first thing i do is i dump everything out. I just let my ego tell me everything that’s going on. And then I coach myself. I look at what the ego is saying and i question “Is that true?” “Is there a better way to look at this?” “Is there a more empowering way to look at this that is equally valid?”

In this video, I share with you an example of one of my ego dumps.

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