The Power of Knowing Who You Are

The Power of Knowing Who You Are


Hey, it’s David Bayer and thank you so much for being here today. Today, I want to share with you a very, very, very important distinction that can transform your life. If you’re like me, for many, many years, I thought I needed to accomplish something to prove who I was. The only way that I could really justify who I envisioned myself to be, who I knew I was capable of becoming, was through what I created into the world. So, I was always chasing creation. I was always chasing – needing to do something, whether it was a certain level of contribution, or a certain level of wealth creation, or a certain status, or a certain number of Facebook fans, or subscribers, or whatever it was to know that I had made it, to know that I had fulfilled my potential. I think for people who are in this journey, who are becoming enlightened, all of a sudden they tap into this idea of having a passion and a purpose, and they understand that anything is possible, and so you want to fulfill your potential. I get that.

But, the way that you fulfill your potential is not by creating something. It’s not by proving to yourself who you are through the results of your efforts. It’s actually just knowing it inside of you. It’s a two millimeter distinction that, once you are clear on who you are and you have self-esteem for yourself regardless of what you’ve created, creation pours out of you. The types of coincidences, and miracles, and experiences that I started to have the moment I got clear that I was okay no matter what I created in the world was extraordinary. What happens, it’s a two millimeter distinction that you sort of feel your way through, but it’s a 180 degree difference. So, you no longer chase creating things or chase success or accomplishment because you needed to feel good about yourself, but every day you feel so good about yourself that success just happens.

So, the question is, how do you make this shift? How do you make this shift from this voice in your head, which is constantly telling you you’re not good enough, you’re not doing enough, and it’s fighting against that authentic part of your that’s inspired to go out into the world because every time you get inspired to do something, it’s saying, “Watch out. You might make a mistake. You might do it wrong.” Or, “You did it, but you didn’t do it well enough.” There’s this internal conflict. So, what’s important is that you start to get involved in this internal conflict, in this internal dialogue.

That voice in your head is a treasure trove of information about what you really believe. That is the voice of your subconscious mind. It is the voice of all of your limiting beliefs and all of your fears. So, if you can start to become more self-aware by getting into a regular meditation practice, exercising regularly, which puts the mind on the exercise and allows you to start becoming more conscious of what’s going on, or even doing things that are creative expressions – for you, it might be walking in nature – and starting to document what it is that this internal voice is saying, and then questioning it and really looking at it and saying, “Is this true?” And knowing that you have the opportunity to make a different decision about how you want to view the world, that you don’t have to just live according to the voice of your past, to this very small part of you that is very scared and afraid.

So, the shift is about really going inside and becoming aware of the fact that you’ve been driven by programs, and seeing that those programs are not real, and making new decisions over time. Now, it takes a little bit of time because what essentially you’re doing is you’re re-wiring your brain. You’re becoming a different person. But, as you do this work, the brain will slowly start to recalibrate with you and, eventually, this work happens faster, and faster, and faster. Then, one day you wake up and it’s really quite profound. You no longer need external circumstances to justify who you are. But, the irony of course is that what you’re creating externally is far greater than you ever could have possibly imagined.

So, I know that was a little bit esoteric, but it’s true. I hope it’s been helpful for you. If you love this video, subscribe. Comment below. Ask me any questions. I try to answer them all personally. Hop on over to Join our newsletter. Really, stay involved with the conversation. Why wouldn’t you? This is incredible. Who’s talking about this? And, if you’re on the FB, join me on Facebook. We do some pretty cool stuff over there to.

So, many blessings. Thank you for having a serious conversation, which is a little bit unusual for me, but I think it’s pretty powerful and I think it’s important. So, many blessings. Live life powerfully and I will see you soon.

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