Who Am I from The Powerful Living Experience 8/9/14


Few of us stop to really consider who we are, despite the fact that the most powerful, creative, inspiring people in the world tell us that this is the most important question we can ask ourselves.  “Nosce te ipsum” or “Know Thyself” is the inscription that hangs over the most sacred temple in Greek his....   Read More

Overcoming Ego from The Powerful Living Experience 8/9/14


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In this video I share my BEST tool for working with that negative voice in my head.  Often times I wake up anxious.  Rather than carry that anxiety in to my day, I work a process where I dump out all th....   Read More

Creating Empowering Stories from The Powerful Living Experience 8/9/14


In this excerpt from the August 9th Powerful Living Seminar in Orlando, I work with one of the attendees to transform his personal story from one of failure to one of empowerment.  So much of our ability to be motivated, creative and productive comes down to our mindset....   Read More

3 Mistakes That Kill Our Dreams


“What you become in the process, is more important than the dream. The kind of person you become, the character that you build, the courage that you develop, the faith that you are manifesting. You look in the mirror and you see a different person. You have to give up who you are ....   Read More