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My Story

By any traditional measure I was living a “successful” life. In high school I excelled at academics, was president of the student body and captain of the basketball team. After graduating from Columbia University at the age of 21 I founded my first company. Three years later I started the online division of a leading Italian motorcycle company. At age 30 I founded my second business and raised several million dollars from investors and venture capital funds. But despite professional success and personal accolades, I lived a life at the mercy of my own thinking. It was never good enough, I was never doing enough, and it was never fast enough. I worried about my finances, I lived in a world of comparing myself to others, and I was consistently dissatisfied with relationships. When I wasn’t burying myself in my work, I was going out on the weekend and binge drinking, immersing myself in the latest reality television series, browsing the web for endless hours, or obsessively monitoring my social media accounts. My entire life had become a distraction from myself. Finally, at age 34 my thoughts broke me.

In 2009 my therapist, after observing a constant cycle of depression, anxiety, failed personal relationships and drug and alcohol abuse, recommended I participate in a 12-step program of recovery. I came to understand that recovery, and 12-step, was a framework for living life without suffering. The 12 Steps gave me a set of tools, and a way to live life, which helped me reconnect with the parts of me that I lost along the way; what I might call my authentic self. After all, that’s what recovery is – getting back something that was lost, or stolen. At about the same time, while on a rare vacation, I noticed a book while walking through an airport gift shop and decided to pick it up for some casual reading on my flight. Once I began reading “Awakening the Buddha Within,” by Lama Surya Das, I couldn’t put the book down. It was another framework, this time Buddhism, which provided a method by which one could live life, and avoid the suffering that had been quietly growing in my unconscious mind for many years. Through a series of synchronicities my library began to unfold book by book with answers to the questions I had just at the right moment over the course of my awakening. First Kingdom Principles, a book by Myles Munroe, which is a Christian framework for living life without suffering. Then Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a framework based on Hill’s interview of the most creative and successful people in the world, for living life not just devoid of suffering, but powerfully. One by one I found these extraordinary frameworks for living and I began to see patterns and pieces of what would ultimately create a picture of a new, powerful identity and reality for myself.

Years later, I’ve studied many of the major teachings and topics spanning over 3,000 years and across science, philosophy, religion, spirituality, metaphysics, quantum physics and neuroscience. I’ve had dozens of mentors, sponsors, coaches, therapists and teachers. I’ve developed a regular practice of meditation, visualization, gratitude, emotional releasing techniques and transformative personal practices that allow me to wake up each day and know who I am, and how to live life powerfully and creatively. I experience life through the lens of a new framework which allows me to transform life’s challenges into life-changing opportunities. This extraordinary new framework for living, and stepping into that life with a new powerful sense of Self is what is offered in the Powerful Living Experience and throughout all of my work. Everything is available to us within the Powerful Living framework. There are no exceptions. We are powerful creators made in the image of the creative power of the Universe itself, and it is time now to actually start believing and living it. I hope you’ll join me on this extraordinary journey.

Live Powerfully, David Bayer


David Bayer is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, seminar leader and certified personal development coach. David is the Creator of The Powerful Living Experience and The Higher Power System. David also serves as CEO of ChamberofCommerce.com, the leading online business directory and blog for small businesses. After graduating from Columbia University (’98) David launched his first start-up, PopWall.com, at the age of 22, and quickly established himself as an early online expert. In 2000 David left his first company to join Ducati Motorcycles as the Executive responsible for developing the luxury brand’s online business. In 2 years Ducati.com sold the first motorcycle online, generated $70MM in online revenue, and was the 7th highest grossing E-commerce site in Europe. Upon returning to the states David raised several rounds of venture capital investment for DataBanq, an online lead generation company focused on local search. In 2009 DataBanq acquired the rights to ChamberofCommerce.com where David serves as CEO. ChamberofCommerce.com works with more than 100,000 local business owners and entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses. Throughout his career David has worked with a variety of clients including FedEx, Washington Mutual, MBNA, Office Depot, Tiger Direct, Best Buy, CompUSA, Vistaprint, iContact and Salesforce.com to name a few.

In 2014 David launched the Powerful Living Experience, a program that transforms the lives of individuals and organizations through David’s unique processes and beliefs-based methodologies. David is currently focused on making the Powerful Living Experience and the Higher Power System available to the recovery community through online programs, private workshops, his books and blog, speaking engagements and the Powerful Living Experience Live Event twice each year.

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Learn the secrets to creating effortlessly in any area of your life.

Download the free Ebook "Manifest" & get 3 training videos to get unstuck and live a legendary life.